Not my first rodeo

I have been quilting on my Welsh Study II off an on since Christmas.  It is taking a long time because of the intense quilting.  I wanted to do a knife edge binding since that would be appropriate for a Welsh quilt.  BUT, I designed the little quilt to have a sawtooth outer border and didn't realize that that would make for a very bumpy and difficult binding until I had finished most of the quilting.

Once I realized my error, I did what any normal quilter would do, I rolled it up and stuffed it in the downstairs closet and went on to the next project.

The border space for the next quilting marathon.

I had calmed down enough to be sane after two months so, I retrieved it from it's dark corner to come up with a solution.  I knew I had to add another border of some kind and it would be a wrestling match with all the backing and batting attached too.  I seem to find the hardest way to do things.

I dug through my stash to see if I had anything that would match some of the colors already in the top.  Luckily I found a yard of the original toile I had already used in this quilt.  It's a miniature print that I bought in the last century.  (It was kind of fun to say that - ha!)

I cut a 2" strip and put it around the quilt but not before I had to deal with the wavy sawtooth border GASP!  Why do we do this to ourselves?

There is still a little too much fullness in that sawtooth border that I hope will quilt out.

I think it looks pretty good and will look great once it is quilted.  When I'm finished then I can do the right kind of binding for it.  And, hopefully, I won't have any other concerns to slow me down.

This was the "supposed" relief project I turned to in my frustration over the sawtooth border debacle.  I have been quilting on this at the frames (a quilt that has it's own misguided history) and am over 2/3rds  done.  I was hoping to get it done by April 30th and it May 1st today but I'm still chugging along.

If I didn't love my sport i.e. quilting so much, I'd have given up long ago.


Barbara said…
LOL. I loved your line about wadding it up and sticking it in the closet. It is just such a universal quilter response that others surely wouldn't understand. I used to do the same thing when I made clothing and I found out the item didn't fit as I'd like. Your work is stunning on both quilts.
Rebecca in AK said…
Such beautiful quilting on your Welsh Study quilt! I understand the frustration too. Sometimes you just have to shove a project over in the corner until you feel ready to deal with it. Love your relief quilt, such beautiful applique.
Janet O. said…
Oh, you pegged it, Robin! If all else fails, get it out of sight for a while!!
Your quilting is so nice, and it looks like you have a solution, so all is right with your quilting world for a few minutes, at least! : )
audrey said…
Some projects demand specific things and we concede because we won't be happy with anything less.:)
Intense quilting indeed and just gorgeous! :)
Karen said…
Love the applique block!

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