Forty Four

There are 44 pieces in each one of these 6" blocks.  I only have the patience to make a few at a time before I'm antsy to go on to something else.

So it's taken me weeks to get this far.  I have 20 more blocks to go.

But, it is helping me accomplish my goal this year of quilting more tops than I make.

The colors look muddy in this picture.  

So far so good.

I've finished  4 quilts and given two tops away.  I've only made one top this year from the Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery.  I finished it in January.

I'm not going to give up on this goal but I'm not really having as much fun in the sewing room as usual and there isn't a whole lot to post about.

The things we do to ourselves.


Janet O. said…
Those are very fun looking blocks, and that is quite a stack of them!
When we aren't having as much fun, the quilting loses some of the therapeutic effect. How can you amend the "rules" to meet your goal--eventually--but still have fun?
BTW, when did you change your blog name and where was I? I noticed it a little bit ago, but forgot to ask.
Karen said…
The pinwheels in the nine patch blocks are so little and cute! What is it about pinwheel blocks that make us smile?
Nancy said…
It never occurred to me to make a complicated/time consuming quilt top so I would make fewer tops. What a great idea!

I love the photo of your stack of perfect blocks from the side. From the top they are beautiful! It's too bad you're not having much fun making them, though.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
It is amazing to me that you can work with such tiny pieces ! :)

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