Creativity thrives on outside influences

It all started by reading Alla Blanca's most recent post here where she gives a list of all the links she's been saving in her head - so now all she has to do is return to her post for reference.                                                 
She suggested we go read Felicia's STASH LESS series in the third paragraph.

And so I went to read about ways to "Stash Less".  It's a fascinating series and well worth the time to read each and every post!

One of the posts I particularly liked led me to the whole cloth quilt Felicia made.  The idea is so creative and quirky,  not at all like what I normally make.  I am a 100% quilt-weight cotton girl.   I don't use wool and I try to avoid polyester (except for batting). The thought of making a quilt out of linen never occurred to me but I love the drape of the fabric on this particular quilt.  Felicia excuses her newness to quilting and lack of experience but I think that her amateur status is what makes this quilt sing.

I want to make a Kantha quilt and I have one all pin basted in the queue.  I'll start out with the overall big stitch with different colors and different spacing but who knows where I'll go from there.

Hand stitching, Kantha  FOUND on
Found on Pinterest

Here is a link and tutorial for kantha quilts like the one below.

Kantha Throw:

I love blogland that feeds my need to learn and be exposed to new things.

Thanks Alla, thanks Felicia, for sharing your ideas with me and the many others who benefit from your information.

Thanks to all,

PS  I think I might need to go to the bargain fabric at JoAnns and look for some linen.


Nancy said…
I have been saving linen for a few years, mostly from barely-used shirts from the thrift store. Linen is so luscious -- smooth, soft, comfortable. I have not yet made an all linen quilt but it's been on my mind for a while. When I finally have enough of the colors I want I'll move forward. I will do a pieced quilt but from what others have said, linen frays, so larger pieces with a 1/2" seam will probably be better than quarter-inch seams. And linen is slippery so I'll need to pin a lot (and use a cotton backing so the quilt won't slide off whoever's under it). Linen is cool in summer and warm in winter and I'm looking forward to a linen quilt.

I, too, love the internet and quilt bloggers who share so much. Now, if it didn't take me so long to decide what to do next....

I'm going to read the Stash Less posts. I always think of an excess of fabric as part of the preparedness goal. ;-)

Thanks for this post with the links and your thoughts, Robin.

--Nancy. (ndmessier @,
Alla Blanca said…
I'm so pleased that my brain droppings could provide fodder for your creative journey! I agree that the Stash Less series is so very inspirational (I felt pretty silly reading all the posts in just 2 sittings, but it sounds like you might have been similarly drawn in).
Here's to living a full, creative life

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