Anxious to stitch

I've been struck with some enthusiasm for a quilt I started a year ago.  I hate to stop stitching even to fix dinner because I'm afraid I'll loose it (the enthusiasm I mean - my husband would say I lost it a long time ago concerning quilting -ha!)

This is a picture of my progress.

I am working to complete Sleigh Bells by Jan Patek

I finished the church (with the leaning steeple) and one angel late last year.  I got started on this deer block but didn't finish it till Christmas time.  I didn't notice till I had finished all the applique that the deer and cat are floating.  Oh Well. . . 

I made one of the snowman baskets last week. 

And I'm busy trying to get the other two done right away. I've learned to do back basting but found it difficult with this dark blue backing on the block.  So I traced the leaves out of freezer paper, ironed the templates onto the fabric, and cut scant 1/4" around it.  Then I pinned them in place and basted around the freezer paper.

This shows all the leaves basted into place.

And here are the leaves all stitched down.

Here are the two snowman baskets together.  I haven't sewn the faces on yet.  The carrot noses won't be difficult to applique but I'm not sure if I'm going to applique the eyes and mouth or buy buttons.

We've had some pretty cold days lately.  Notice how the frost has covered the weeping birch branches.

I am tempted to join the Rainbow scrap challenge this year.  It might be fun to make simple blocks in rainbow colors, using up scraps, having no deadline, just sewing for pleasure.

Lori at Humble Quilts said she'll be doing another small quilt swap this spring.  I don't want to miss out on this again.  I better get busy on a little quilt.

I made apple pie today to use up the apples that had frozen in the shed.  The house smells so cinnamony.  Can't wait till it cools and we can cut into it!!!!


I will be linking up to Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.


audrey said…
Such a great project! Love all the applique.:)
Janet O. said…
I love that quilt you have revived! It looks wonderful so far!
Hmmm, I wanted to make a pie this weekend, but I still haven't put away Christmas. Dad's passing really put me off my rhythm. That's okay, but so many things have piled up that need my attention now, and I'd rather be stitching! : )

Nancy said…
Your blocks look very impressive, Robin. What patience you have to work on an applique project that takes a while to finish. I especially like your baskets, the stems, and the leaves. And about the "floating" deer and cat.... Well, it's obviously night and someone is dreaming, and don't deer and cats and so many other animals float in dreams? We've had frigid temperatures here, too, but not the beauty of your frosted weeping birch. I understand that next week we'll have temperatures in the 40s. Some winter!
Karen said…
I wonder if I have the Jan Patek pattern you are using. I like it very much. She re-uses block designs in other quilts and I recognize some as being in quilt patterns in my stash. But I don't know that I have the actual pattern. I like your blocks thus far and it will make a great winter look quilt in the end.
Rebecca said…
On the floating critters..... can you applique a small snow mound under / over their feet?...
Quilter Kathy said…
Fantastic progress on this amazing quilt! So many details to enjoy!
Love the wintery photo!
LOL I did NOT notice the deer was floating until you said something! :) Let 'em's magic!
I'd be sticking that pie outside in the cold to cool so I could eat it sooner, lol!
Linda said…
You blocks are wonderful I need to check into back basting. I usually do needle turn using freezer paper. Your quilt will be wonderful.
Sarah said…
I love this quilt! I didn't notice the floating deer and cat until you said lol!
Suzanne said…
Wonderful projects. I have not seen the Winter scene quilt before today. I love baking smells in the Winter.

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