Spittin' Seeds on Ringo Lake Finish and Sweet Land of Liberty Block 1

 I got all the clues done for the On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt by Bonnie Hunter.  When I tried to put them together it just looked too muddy and the blocks weren't able to shine.  I think I chose the wrong colors of red for the sashing.  It all blended in together without a place for your eye to stop and relax.  So I gave up on the diamond shaped sashing strips.

I decided I wouldn't use any sashing and would just sew them together in a straight set.  But, there were just too many seams to match that weren't pressed opposite each other.  It was not a fun experience so I changed my mind again.

I decided to try some different sashing options.

I tried a red swirl fabric but it made the blocks too dark.

I put in a white with a red dot but it was much to light.  (I'm sounding like Goldilocks here!)

Then I put the blocks on a red check.  Wow!  This was my favorite choice but, alas,  I didn't have enough fabric to go between all 49 blocks.  Boo hoo!

This is the sashing I finally chose.  It is actually a print from a Christmas line.  It looks a little more pink in the picture than it really is.

And here is the completed quilt top.  I don't have anyone at home right now to hold it up for a picture.  So I thought it was appropriate to put a watermelon quilt on my picnic table for a photo shoot.

The day is overcast and breezy so the quilt didn't stay still.

I hope no one was watching me out of their window and laughing their head off as I continually put it back up on the table!  It's a fun quilt.  It measures about 85" square.

Here is a picture of the Sweet Land of Liberty block for the month of January.   I didn't get the economy blocks done but I can easily do them soon.  I need to be so precise on the Roseville applique blocks I'm doing and these blocks are totally casual.   It's a nice respite.

  It's been a little difficult for me to select these dark  fabrics because I'm working on The Roseville Album Quilt that uses Kaffe etc. bright prints (see previous post) I have to go back and forth between brights and homespuns and it kind of gets me out of sync.  The background for the basket is a bit bright but it's done and I'm stickin' to it.



Quilter Kathy said…
Terrific job on the mystery challenge! I'm trying to sew my blocks together without the sashing and it is a tough go with so many lumpy bumpy seams!
Shasta Matova said…
Congratulations on the beautiful quilt top for Ringo Lake. You picked a great sashing fabric and everything goes together so well! I still have to make more blocks. Your sweet land of liberty quilt is coming along quite nicely too. That is also a quiltalong I want to follow. It is challenging to move back and forth between different projects, especially if they are a different style. Color changes don't bother me as much as techniques. Working on an improv quilt at the same time as working on a precise quilt like Ringo Lake. It is difficult for me to go back to precise after working on improv.
Janet O. said…
I think your sashing fabric replicates Bonnie's sashing design, on a smaller scale. It looks wonderful!
I really like the Sweet Land of Liberty quilt. Don't think the basket background is bright, but if you think it is, just through some similar backgrounds in here and there, and it will all work.
I love the sashing "tale". I was beginning to think "Goldilocks" before I saw that you were too. Funny! I think your choice was perfect. It is a beauty!
Nancy said…
Did I already tell you how much I love your Land of Liberty blocks, Robin? They are fabulous! I'm following along with everyone's blocks, still trying to decide whether to participate. Maybe I could catch up....

Your Ringo Lake looks great, too. It's disappointing to choose a sashing only to find you don't have enough. I think your second choice looks great, too.
It looks wonderful......
Lori said…
I love both your quilts and I would imagine it would be hard going back and forth between prim and kaffe!
dq said…
I just joined Sweet Land of Liberty. Yours is wonderful! I enjoy the "create your own pattern" part of it.
Love your version -- the border perfectly frames your top.
Very creative! I've been thinking of doing a straight setting, too. Thanks for the inspirations!
Angie in SoCal said…
I like the sashing you chose. Great job on your SLOL blocks. Blessings,
Raewyn said…
It was a wise move to explore the different sashing options - you chose well - I love the finished look of your quilt.

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