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Joe the Quilter on the History Blog today

The Beamish foundation in Northern England has constructed Joe the Quilter's cottage from the remains that were excavated. 

Interesting 15 min video here.

Go check it out.

Unrelated thoughts and projects

I decided I wanted to do something different - instead of the fish weathervane block for the Sweet land of Liberty quilt.  I have the SLOL liberty pattern but have inadvertantly misplaced the fish block (along with the remembrance embroidery block).  I like the fish block.  It has a bit of whimsy that I can identify with.  But, I wanted to add some more words to the song, so this is the block that I came up with.

I found a sheet of Cheri's lettering.  I don't know if I found it on her facebook page with all the free patterns or if it came with the SLOL pattern but I used those letters to stitch this line from the "My Country tis of Thee" song.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  The tree trunk looks a little like the mast of a ship and the flag is the right shape to be on  a golf course.  But, I'm satisfied and since it's all stitched down. . . it must be finished.

I sewed the two blocks for July together and finished appliquing the tree branches.  Now o…

Stem replacement, new quilt on the frames, and rising sun blocks

I finished replacing the stems on this unusual block for the Roseville Quilt.  I actually like the look of the brown stems better.  I don't know why I didn't just make them brown to begin with - like all the rest of the blocks.  This took far longer than it needed to because of all the interruptions.  It took me days and days.  Now on to the tree I need to replace.  See here for the full story.

I was able to put my "Grandma's Kitchen" quilt on the frames yesterday.  It's made from the "Farm girl Vintage" pattern.  I'm quilting it using a big stitch with crochet cotton #12.  I want to finish it for a Christmas gift.  I should have plenty of time.  Better picture below.

My friend had a quilt retreat at her house for three days last week.  I managed to put together this top with my hand-pieced rising sun blocks. (A LOT OF UNPICKING) I love the fabric for the sashing.  It is an American Jane fabric by Sandy Klop.  Now, on to the border that will ha…