Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Are the rest of you like me?

While I am busily preparing food ahead for tomorrow's Thanksgiving meal (like homemade cranberry relish) I am also busily trying to finish some of the homemade Christmas presents that need to go home with  my out-of-town guests. 

Love this tiny quilt 

My husband brought in bouquets of chrysanthemums.  He gathered them before they froze .

Don't they add nice color to the room?

AND, I'll close with my view of the " Super Moon" a week or so ago.  It was simply dazzling!

The camera captured the true colors.

Hope your day turns out to be very satisfactory.


Janet O. said...

Sounds like we are on the same page. I made my cranberry relish last night.
Of course you know I love your little quilt, too.
The mums make a great Fall statement.
Lucky you that your camera captured the true colors on the super moon! It was quite a sight from our house, rising from the Logan Canyon break in the mountains.

Karen said...

I am working on some Christmas gifts but none that have to be delivered as soon as yours. I like your little quilt. Small quilts make nice display pieces and are not so time consuming as larger pieces.

Hels said...

Being Jewish my family does not do Christmas, so you might think we get off the holiday season lightly. That is true in one sense, but the children and grandchildren come to lunch every sabbath (Saturday) and every holy day. Fortunately after 45 years of marriage my husband has finally learned to cook the main course for sabbath, leaving me to create interesting soups and sweets. The only problem is the youngest grandchild (6 years old) doesn't eat!

Happy, peaceful holidays, Robin

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