Wednesday, June 19, 2019

I got a few more blocks done.  They are not necessarily in the order I'm going to sew them together. 

It's looking kind of dark.  I wonder if I should put sashing between the blocks. I have some striped yardage that I want to use for a border so I don't want to make it too big or I won't have enough for the border.  Decisions, decisions.

 I cut out one of the outer pieces wrong and had to sew the fabric together to get a large enough piece for the outside striped green on the left.  I don't think it's very noticeable. 

I think it might need a narrow applique border too.  I'm not used to creating as I go.  It's causing a little apprehension because I might not have enough scraps to do what I want.  I'm used to cutting out the quilt first and then sewing merrily along because I have the confidence that I've got everything I need to finish it.  This is a whole other mind set.

I would probably have more blocks done but I'm working on my hexie project and hand quilting the one on the frames.  I love it.  I'm immersed in needle and thread.

I'm also working on the family pictures I've inherited.  It is extremely time consuming. 

I love this picture.  My grandmother is the youngest child.  She is only eight in this picture.  The other sisters are l-r Nellie age 14, Blanche 18, and Murle 16.  My great grandmother in this picture didn't become a grandmother until she was 70 when her youngest daughter had children.    This is one of the lines in the family that daughtered-out.

Enjoy sewing today,


Barb said...

Love those blocks!
Wonderful family photo.

Jeanne said...

Your blocks are looking lovely together!

Cathy said...

I really love this quilt. Looking good. Hugs

Janet O. said...

Those are beautiful blocks! The lighter center just brings the eye to the lovely applique block.
That is a great photo--I really enjoy discovering family photos and the stories behind them. So the three older daughters never had children, or had them late?

audrey said...

Great looking blocks. All those little triangles!! So interesting to find out more about our ancestry. My mom has researched our family endlessly.:)

Shasta Matova said...

Your blocks look great! What a treasure you have with that family photo! I have researched my family for years so I especially love the photo.

Nancy said...

I love these blocks, Robin. And how I admire you for being to cut out a whole quilt and then sew it together. I'm daunted by the cutting and always uncertain whether I'll like the choices I've made so I nearly always cut and sew, cut and sew. I don't think that method works well for quilts other than scrappy ones unless one has plenty of fabric in case changes are needed.

The photo of your grandmother and her family is gorgeous! They all look so neat and polished, not like the usual casual photographs I see these days. I suppose it was an event to have a family photograph taken in those days. I also have several families who daughtered-out. In one case the sons died young or as adults had not children or had females. In another case, only daughters were born. It's sad to see the end of a surname.

Susan said...

What a wonderful picture! I don't have a lot, but I've found some of my pioneer ancestors on line with other families, and that's a real blessing of Family Search!

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