Thursday, February 2, 2023

Slow and steady

I've been working on these little wheel blocks and finished the 12th one on Monday.  I think that I have enough for the wall hanging I want.  I was going to put red circles in the center to cover up where all the wedges come together but I think I like orange better.  So, I made the circles today and will sew them on this week.  I'll trim behind it and then it will lay flat.  One step at a time.

I finished the echo quilting on the "Love Letters" quilt.  I really like how it turned out but it took me four weeks to complete. There are different shades of color because I pieced different fabrics together to make the backgrounds.  I need to send more time in front of my floor hoop or I'll be working on this all year - sigh  We've had quite low temps and so it's cold in the room I quilt in.  I need to get wrapped up and brave the 20 degrees days.

 When I spread out the quilt for a picture I thought it looked really well with the rest of the decor in the room.  I love my little churn dash quilt (a Kim Deihl  pattern) and always get it out for the month of February.  

I've been trying to come up with an idea for little Valentine gifts and this heart is what I came up with on Monday.     The center heart is embroidered onto a piece of white with fusible fleece on the underside.  I'm not sure if I'll quilt it or stuff it. 

Happy Groundhog's Day,



Julierose said...

What gorgeous quilting!! Just so beautiful;))) Your little heart is really sweet. I do like the orange for the center circle...Stay warm--17 here today so my walk will be inside hugs, Julierose

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Your wheel blocks are really coming along nicely. I love the orange!
Your hand quilting is stunning and will be worth the time and effort. Wow it's cold where you are. That's such a cute "Love One Another" (which is what it's all about!) heart. Hard to believe it's already February!

Janet O. said...

The wheel blocks on the cheddar are really inviting looking.
Your hand quilting is so stunning! I would never have finished that intense of a piece in my lifetime!
That is a beautiful churn dash quilt, with the stars in the center. I love how Kim switches up value placement in her quilts like this.
Really pretty little stitched piece.

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Lovely hand stitches there Robin. Also a gorgeous little stitched piece with precious message. I am working on wheel blocks too. I enjoy them.

Nancy said...

Oh, Robin, I love these wheels! Did you use scraps or cut from large pieces? And were your careful about the color arrangement or go with what your hand touched next? I love that not all wheels have the same number of fabrics. This will be such a wonderful quilt!
Your quilted block looks great. I can see, though, why you'd choose not to do the rest of the blocks with this much quilting!
I love your couch with the large piece of lace on the back of it. It looks so homey and comfortable.
What sweet hearts you're making! For your family, your Primary children...?

Barb said...

Oh I just adore your wheel blocks. Your echo quilt is absolutely stunning. Yay - I've added you to my sidebar so I don't miss a post.

Kaja said...

When it's really cold I like to sit with a hot water bottle on my lap, under whatever I am quilting. It stops my feet from freezing! The echo quilting was well worth the bother and I love the orange circles in your wheels - somehow orange has more warmth than red and I often find my eyes drawn to it.

Janie said...

Heart warming quilts! Wow! And I am bundling up here too, the temperatures are not as low as yours but still on the cold side.
Your Valentine is a beauty, yes, Love one another.... Thanks for sharing.

Janie said...

Your quilts warm my heart! Beautiful work.
And it's cold here too but not like you have it, bundle up is the word!
Your little Valentine is sweet, good words, "Love one another."
thanks for sharing.

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