Sewing but not showing

I am excited to participate in the Doll Quilt Swap sponsored by Lori over at Humble Quilts.  I've wanted to participate in this swap ever since she started hosting it about 3 yrs. ago but I have been too busy, already committed to finishing other projects, or had company and just had to be satisfied with admiring  the work and excitement of everyone else involved - sigh.

This year I'm caught up with my commitments, my company left last Tuesday, and I was able to finish a little quilt top this week.  It's only 18" square so it won't take very long to quilt.  It needs to be in the mail by May 1st so I've got a whole month to get it quilted.  Wish I could show it to you so you could give me some suggestions.  Right now, I'm at a loss. . .

sneak peak

It's pretty cute.  These are the fabrics I used;

I have a number of pieces of fabric that would make fabulous borders but time after time the quilt kept calling for the border it got.

These little quilts can be quite demanding, you know!

We got a new railing on our front porch this week.  I think it dresses up the house a little, gives it a little curb appeal.  I'm very pleased.

The spring flowers are blooming; making everything look beautiful and smell so good.

Gotta love those little violets.  

Our poor poor turtles are really "the worse for wear" this spring.  We've had them about 7 yrs. and for some reason this last winter was terribly hard on them.  This is the biggest of the two "Atlas" and they both have developed a really bad case of leprosy.

The smaller of the two "Mariposa" can be lifted up and put into the trash.  But this big hefty guy,

is too heavy to move in spite of missing  some parts.   Makes me wonder why they did so well for so long and then this year they both decided to fall apart.  The only difference I can come up with is that we had an unusually wet winter.

My quilt club met last night and while I didn't take any pictures I still wanted to share some online pictures of the quilts that Lorraine talked about and demonstrated the technique for.

The Scrap Vortex QAL by Crazy Mom Quilts.

She still has all the instructions up on her blog, see link above.

Doesn't it look like fun?

Kathy of Kathy' Quilts  made one and has it posted on her blog.  She put letters in hers with the message SCRAP VORTEX.  One of the ladies at my meeting last night suggested that you could put your grandchild's name in the mix is you were making the quilt for them.  Fun idea!

I saved this picture from Lee Ann at Nifty Quilts. 

I love this quilt and would like to make one.
Along with all the other thousands of quilts I want to make................

The ideas for scrap quilts are endless aren't they?


Karen said…
I had to pass on the swap this time. I would have loved to receive a quilt made with the fabrics you have selected.
Janet O. said…
Looks like a great selection of fabrics in your doll quilt. I like what I can see. : )
We are not as warm as you, just two hours north--only my daffodils right against the house have started to bloom.
I have followed Kathy's progress on her scrap quilt, but have no illusions that I will ever get such a quilt made. I don't think I have the patience. More power to you!
I love the Scrap Vortex, but I'm not sure I have the stamina to make one--not that I don't have more than enough bits of fabric around! Thanks for the peek at your spring flowers--it will be months before we see anything like that in MN so it reminds me there is hope beyond dirty snow and brown grass. One of these years, I hope I have time to join the doll quilt swap-it's so fun to see what everyone makes.
Kate said…
Hope you've found some inspiration on quilting your doll quilt. It's always so frustrating to have commitments and obligations when there are such fun quilt alongs in blogland. Glad you got to play along this year.
Nancy said…
Your porch railings look great. I can't imagine your porch without them.

One of these years I want to participate in Lori's doll quilt swap. I don't think my skills are quite up to it yet, though. But one year.

Your weather is a little ahead of ours here in Ohio. We have daffodils but no violets yet. It's been such an early spring!

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