12 Rows of Christmas - done

I was originally going to make this as a wall hanging but I decided to give it to my granddaughter for her birthday.  She is the kind of little girl who delights in holidays and wears Christmas and Halloween clothes year round.

Here is the pattern that I used for the quilt.  You'll notice that I changed a lot of things.  I didn't use homespun for one thing.  I added carolers and gingerbread men, different stars, and a train.

  I think it turned out pretty cute.  There isn't a lot of embellishment except for a few buttons here and there because this quilt will get used and it needs to be washer friendly.

Merry Christmas,


Karen said…
I was just reading that you have 12 grandchildren. Have you made quilts for all of them? That would keep you busy year round, year after year!
I am trying to decide on my favorite row. Maybe the train. Good finish.
Janet O. said…
This is really cute, Robin. And you made it all the better with your personal touches!
Ramona said…
Great Christmas quilt! How wonderful that it's for your granddaughter. I like the additions you made.
Sarah said…
I love your Christmas quilt!
Kaja said…
It sounds like this is the perfect gift for your granddaughter (I love that she does Christmas all year round). I think your additions are some of my favourite bits.

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