birds, cats, and a cow

I've been working on this panel all week but it doesn't look like I did much.  I finished the purple bird in the upper left hand corner.

I finished the cat and the shrub underneath her.  I worked on these because I needed a break from all the up, down, and around of the blue tree.  But if you look closely you notice on the shrub branches and the cat's tail and feet . . . it was the exact motion of up, down and around that I had been doing all along.  My applique isn't perfect, that's for sure, but I keep improving.

I finished the cow, an udderly tricky accomplishment.

And here is the progress so far.  I still have 2 horses, 3 chickens, a goat, another shrub, and a passel of birds (as well as the rest of the tree.  For those of you who have made this quilt, you'll notice my panel is a mirror image of the original.  I forgot to reverse the pattern when I traced it.  It won't make any difference in the placement of the blocks and design but I'll have to keep better track of things from now on.

We had an interesting delivery this week.  Above is my DIL's turtle named Romeo.  She's had him since she was a little girl.

My sister came on Wednesday and she had to step over a big shoe box on the front porch to knock on the door.  Inside the box was a much larger red ear slider with a slightly damp cloth on top of her.  She has been dubbed Juliet - appropriately I guess.  Poor Romeo isn't going to get a chance to meet her because my DIL quickly found a new home for her and she's going to a kindergarten class in Logan.  Meanwhile my son and DIL went to St. George for four days and I've got the responsibility of keeping Juliet alive in a outdoor kiddie pool.  I know it's no big deal but when a person is used to only feeding a spouse. . . . . .    I'm afraid I'll forget to feel them -yikes!

And a Happy Father's Day to my DH.  This is one of my favorite pictures of him from our mission to Wisconsin.  It is taken in the Chequamegon National Forest where someone has put chainsaws all up and down about 50 large polls.  (We saw some crazy things while we were there.)

Hope you're having a quiet Sunday with your family close by.

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Quilter Kathy said…
Wowww that's a challenging applique project!
I know how hard those shapes are to stitch around.
Good luck with the stitching and the turtle!
Laura said…
Whoa! The applique looks very difficult to do, but love the project!
The turtles sure are cute!
You must love a challenge! Beautiful appliqué. My power is out so I am hand stitching today. I hope it comes back on in time for supper!
Karen said…
Love the quirky fabrics you selected for the cow and bull!
Janet O. said…
This project is jaw-dropping to me, Robin. I can't imagine even thinking about doing it. Looking fantastic!
Do you know which school up here gets the turtle?
Great photo of your hubby--a handsome guy!
The chain saws in the poles looks like something that could be out of a horror movie (which I never watch, so how would I know?).
Sarah said…
Your appliqué is so beautiful and I love your fabric choices. I'm sure Juliet will be fine!
Anonymous said…
That's a lovely panel, and who cares if it's backwards. I don't pay any attention to such things. If you hadn't mentioned it, I'd never have known. =)
I know how long applique takes :) As slow as a turtle ....

Handsome DH :)

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! " an udderly tricky accomplishment."

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