My first finish of the year

I finally completed the cute little heart wall hanging that Cheri Payne has as a free pattern here on her blog in January 2015.  I pieced it the first year,  I embroidered it last year, and this year I decided to do some ridiculously simple machine quilting so that it would finally become a finish.

I just put it on the back on one of my checkered chairs in the living room to add a little Valentine flair.  I've got another small red & white quilt (Jo Morton Little Women 11) on the other chair.

I thought about binding it with red but when I came across this little gem of a piece with tiny hearts on it - the decision was made.  Too Cute!!!

I'm still working along (rather slowly)  on the right panel of the Roseville Quilt by Kim Mclean.  I've got about 1/3 of the applique done.  This panel is 3 ft. long so it will still be awhile before it's finished.  That bright pink wing in the middle might need a replacement.  I'll wait till I'm all done and see if it still shouts, "LOOK AT ME!"

I'm linking up with Kathy at Slow Sunday Stitching.  Go check it out.



Suzanne said…
Lovely finish, just in time for Valentines.
Your absolutely ready for Valentines! Very cute!
Janet O. said…
That chair is the perfect resting place for your sweet little heart quilt.
The pink wing does not call attention to itself, IMHO. My eye was drawn to the yellow bird, but it didn't strike me as too bright--just very colorful.
Ann said…
Such cute finish. Did your embroider homing pigeons around that heart? And the binding is perfect. Congratulations.
Now that is a perfect match for your chair! What a sweet little quilt. Your applique is stunning!
Karen said…
I love your heart quilt displayed on the red check chair. Oh how I love that chair!

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