Saturday, May 1, 2021

Not quite the way I expected.

I finished the little pink and white quilt with the ice cream cone border.  It didn't turn out quite the way I thought it would - it's the fabric.  It's sweet fabric but from a distance the pieces with blue flowers in them look muddy.  I had hoped for a sweet feminine pink quilt.

I had to trace templates for the border but I've done that before so no problem, right?

Well, they were slightly too big and with this border it has to be exact.

So I sewed the first border and it turned out too big.  I had to increase my seams on every other cone.  It was a bit tricky but I was able to do it without having to pick anything out.

The picture above shows the increased seam allowance I used on the other 3 borders.  It's just barely bigger but it worked out very well.

I didn't steam press this so it looks very wrinkled.  I was able to sew the borders on minus the corner white piece.  Then I had to carefully insert it between the two pink side pieces.  By the time I got to the fourth corner (above) I had figured it out.  I need to unpick the other three.  I think I will mark the seam allowance and stitch them together by hand, that way I can be more accurate.

 And here it is (practically all finished).  I'm not sure what I will do with it when I do finish.  That's a decision I don't have to make yet.  It is a baby quilt size.  I've been wanting to make it for so long that it feels good to have it done but it would feel better if I had a granddaughter coming soon. (My last five grandchildren have been boys and I'm grateful for them - the little rascals!)

I think the binding on this quilt is going to be quite an adventure.  



Janet O. said...

Blue flowers notwithstanding, it still looks like a sweet, pink and white quilt to me.
That border is such a nice touch and I admire that you had to patience to redo and make it work.
Some quilts just require us to make them, don't they? Beautiful job, Robin!

Julierose said...

Really pretty finish--lots of work making those snow cones fit!
Nice work on this one...the binding does look like it will be another
challenge--which i am sure you will meet ;)00
hugs, Julierose

Quilting Babcia said...

This is a beautiful quilt and your border is so impeccable. On my monitor the pinks appear more peachy. I think the pink or peachy values can be enhanced with some brighter pink quilting threads and maybe mute the blue a bit. Were you thinking of hand quilting this one?

Chookyblue...... said...

Worth the effort that border looks wonderful......

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

It's such a sweet pink quilt and you really went the extra mile to make the cone border work. Five grand sons - wow, that's so cute!

Michele McLaughlin said...

I love it! It's so pretty and soothing and love your border! Fantastic job and well worth it!

Rebecca said...

I want to see how you "finish" this one off!

Kaja said...

I'm sorry that you aren't entirely happy with the colours; on my screen it looks very nicely pink and not at all muddy. Maybe the quilting will help? I admire the cone border, and your persistence in figuring out how to make it fit. I have 4 sons and would quite happily have had more - I just loved little boys.

Nancy said...

You see muddy but I see, perhaps, dusty on some fabrics, variations on tones of pink. I really think it's beautiful and I love the way the pinks sort of waver or fade in and out. It's the kind of quilt I would love to be able to make.

It's always interesting to me to notice the differences between fabric up close and fabric at a distance. I see one up close that I'm sure will be vibrant and bright but from a distance look dark. I think choosing fabric is one of the challenges of quilting. The other thought I have is that the only time we see quilts from a distance is when they are display (which is rare if it's a quilt to be used). Usually we have a quilt lying on us or someone else and see it up close enough to notice the details of the fabrics.

You did a great job with the border and figuring out how to adjust the seams. And that corner: wow! It's just perfect.

audrey said...

It's too bad the quilt didn't turn out to be quite as spectacular as you had hoped. It's a great pattern and kudos to you for getting the border work figured out! I made one quilt with a similar border but the bottom edge wasn't rounded. Definitely helped when putting on the binding.:)

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