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I have completed all the applique for my Rejoice quilt from the pattern "The Roseville Album Quilt" by Kim Mclean.  It still needs a border but for right now I'm just basking in the euphoria of having the center complete.

I love the brightness of the fabrics but I have to admit I don't like working on them as much as I enjoy working with fabric that is more subdued like Jan Patek or Jo Morton or CW reproductions.

When I finished the applique, I boxed up all the leftover fabric to give to a friend, folded the quilt top rightside inside, hung it in the closet, and was finally able to relax.  Silly I know but, after all that work I was just ready to be done.

Hope it's not too hot where you are and that you aren't in any fire danger.

Joe the Quilter on the History Blog today

The Beamish foundation in Northern England has constructed Joe the Quilter's cottage from the remains that were excavated. 

Interesting 15 min video here.

Go check it out.

Unrelated thoughts and projects

I decided I wanted to do something different - instead of the fish weathervane block for the Sweet land of Liberty quilt.  I have the SLOL liberty pattern but have inadvertantly misplaced the fish block (along with the remembrance embroidery block).  I like the fish block.  It has a bit of whimsy that I can identify with.  But, I wanted to add some more words to the song, so this is the block that I came up with.

I found a sheet of Cheri's lettering.  I don't know if I found it on her facebook page with all the free patterns or if it came with the SLOL pattern but I used those letters to stitch this line from the "My Country tis of Thee" song.

I'm pleased with how it turned out.  The tree trunk looks a little like the mast of a ship and the flag is the right shape to be on  a golf course.  But, I'm satisfied and since it's all stitched down. . . it must be finished.

I sewed the two blocks for July together and finished appliquing the tree branches.  Now o…

Stem replacement, new quilt on the frames, and rising sun blocks

I finished replacing the stems on this unusual block for the Roseville Quilt.  I actually like the look of the brown stems better.  I don't know why I didn't just make them brown to begin with - like all the rest of the blocks.  This took far longer than it needed to because of all the interruptions.  It took me days and days.  Now on to the tree I need to replace.  See here for the full story.

I was able to put my "Grandma's Kitchen" quilt on the frames yesterday.  It's made from the "Farm girl Vintage" pattern.  I'm quilting it using a big stitch with crochet cotton #12.  I want to finish it for a Christmas gift.  I should have plenty of time.  Better picture below.

My friend had a quilt retreat at her house for three days last week.  I managed to put together this top with my hand-pieced rising sun blocks. (A LOT OF UNPICKING) I love the fabric for the sashing.  It is an American Jane fabric by Sandy Klop.  Now, on to the border that will ha…

Catching up on SAL and fabric bleeding issue

Today is the monthly link up for the Sweet Land of Liberty SAL from Lori at Humble Quilts.  I made the heart, couple, and checkerboard blocks when I first started this quilt (many moons ago) so all I had to sew was the snails trail blocks.  (Which I didn't make until yesterday. . . )

I wanted to progress on this quilt so I chose to do the block that goes underneath the snails trail.  It's not finished but I made some headway.  I didn't put the doves close enough together to get the cherry stems to cross.  But, I wasn't going to do them over.  The original block has victory written on its bowl.  The doves said, "Peace" to me, so that is what I decided to write.  It hasn't been pressed yet.

I've been working on the Roseville quilt too.  Or you could say I've been re-working the Roseville blocks.  When I rinsed out the water-soluble marker from this block the red fabric in the stems bled profusely.

I don't know if you can see the bleeding from t…

A really big sigh of relief

I finally finished the Chintz quilt.  I pieced this quilt in 2011 and started hand quilting it last December.  I've been working on this while also working on the Roseville Quilt and sewing along with the Sweet Land of Liberty Quilt.  I'm afraid this quilt didn't get as much attention as the other two or it would have been completed long ago.  It got a little boring quilting the same shapes over and over.

It is 87" square.  Here is is upon my long grass.  It makes the borders wave.  Maybe they are waving at you - thanks for coming.

I was going to hand quilt a small cable in the burgundy outer border and I found just exactly the right template but it looks fine and I want to be done.  The coral/peach colored binding matches really well but it looks a little odd in the pictures. It is the same fabric I used for the cornerstones.  I only had two pieces that were big enough to use as binding.  The other one was a light background (you can see it in the flying geese units…

Close to being done

GOOD NEWS!  I only have 4 more flying geese strips and 3 more setting triangles to hand quilt.

It takes an hour to do one strip.  And, as much as I love the fabric in the quilt, I've really disliked the monotonous straight quilting in the squares.  So, I don't quilt on it as often as I should. 

I've been busy prepping the four corner blocks for the Roseville Album quilt.  I need something to stitch in the car.  I finished the upper right block except for the placement of circles.  This block goes really fast compared to the other more complicated basket blocks and panels.

I have one more basket block and the other three corner blocks and then I can have a life again.  I'll still do the border but that won't be as intense.

Barbara Brackman's blog today was about this little book and one specific block with tulips and princess feathers.  I love tulips in anything.  I didn't realize it till this spring.  I've admired things made with tulips for years (tuli…

Sweet Land of Liberty month 5

I finished the section for month 5 on the Sweet Land of Liberty SAL.  I wanted to do the tin soldier with his big heart but I made the background too dark for the embroidery to show up so I didn't do it.  I made three different skin colors on my rag doll blocks.  Then, for some reason, I sewed the blue star at an angle which made it difficult to put the flag in the hand of the black doll.  So I scooted it to the right and I think it looks okay.  I sure chose a bright red for that red star didn't I. 

This is the 2nd row of blocks for the quilt with the unit I just made.  I had to replace the lower flying geese piece on the left because the other one was the wrong size.  I also had to reverse the row of small blocks under the big star because I had sewn them so that the little black cat in the blue square was upside down.  Silly, I know, but it kept bothering me.

And here are all the units sewn together.  I had to replace the lower red piece on the basket because it was too muc…

Same old same old

But, at least I'm getting things done.  I finished the fruit basket block  And now it's on to the next one.

I've been waiting to use this purple flower fabric ever since I started the quilt.  Finally I found a place so I could use it.  This is going to be a fun block to do (except for more reverse applique).  The flower on the left has one stripe down the middle and two stripes on the side of reverse applique - sigh.

 I'm still working on this quilt in the hoop.  You can see the masking tape where I am quilting a straight line.  Just two more center squares and then it's the outside setting triangles.

And now the last pictures of my wisteria.  It really put on a show!!

This is the upper portion to the left in the first picture.  Too beautiful for words. . . . .