Friday, July 12, 2019

Current happenings

This is the most recent Cheddarback block.  The picture is a bit fuzzy - sorry.  It was a really difficult block to make with over 12 "Y" seams and all those bias edges - gasp!  It doesn't lie flat.  But, it's done and I'm moving on.  I think it will quilt out (Ha!),  The conversation print for the background is two birds looking at gold fish in a fish bowl.  It's really sweet.  The color isn't true in the picture, the block is brighter. 

I'm not planning on putting a cheddar colored backing on this quilt like the original.  But, I wanted to put a goodly amount of cheddar fabrics on the front.

And now the current news. . .   My husband (above) is picking the currents while laying on his stomach. 

At least he's in the shade, it's supposed to be 99 degrees today.

And here is the gorgeous bounty.  They are so cute.



Nancy said...

I just now realized that this is your second "Current" post in a few weeks, Robin. The first was of your Hospital Sketches with currants, and now your real currents! I don't believe I've ever seen or eaten fresh currants. They look beautiful in your basket and I believe the photo would be perfect for framing and hanging! I guess they must grow low to the ground?

I think your Cheddarback block looks just fine. Whatever problems you see are not evident in the photo. If you, with so much experience, had a hard time stitching it, imagine me! It's probably a good thing I have a whole shirt of the blue and white stripe to try to get it right. Haha.

Cathy said...

I love the fabrics in your block. It turned out beautiful. Hugs

Jeanne said...

Your background conversational print is adorable!

Janet O. said...

I really like the way you used the striped fabric, and that conversation print is cute. I don't know that I would have attempted 12 Y-seams in one quilt, let alone one block. Good job!
Putting lots of cheddar in the front of the quilt is a good call. I don't think there is ever enough cheddar in our quilts. :)

Karen said...

My parents had currents growing. I used to pick some and eat right then. But I can't remember my mother ever putting them to use. How do you use them?

dq said...

Twelve Y-seams? You are nuts but that block was worth it!
I loved the photo of your husband picking currents on his belly!

Susan said...

That gives low hanging fruit a whole new meaning! Your basket of currants looks so pretty, though. I'm collecting the Cheddarback patterns, but concentrating on SLOL ... and a half-dozen other things. I like the blocks, but that is a lot of Y-seaming! I believe I still might have some of that background print - a pretty one for this block.


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