Saturday, June 5, 2021

Progress on one front and retreat on another

I just wanted to show the progress from the quilt I started in my last post.  I have only eight blocks done so far but I am in no hurry.  There is no reason to be.  I'm just enjoying the pairing up of the fabrics.

We had no late frosts this year which is very unusual.  Our apricot tree is just loaded with fruit.  The last time we got more than a handful of fruit was in 2014.  The weight is really too much for the poor tree and one branch has broken.

Life is like this sometimes. . . a blessing can turn out to be more than we can manage without help (as shown by the board that is holding up the other branch).



Janet O. said...

The blocks are coming along nicely.
It has been such a strange weather year--and now so hot, dry and windy! I can't believe Salt Lake hit 100 degrees already!
My Dad had a peach, a pear and an apple tree. He would buy up those lantern or hanging basket stakes that have prongs on the end to go in the ground and a hook on the other end for hanging a lantern or basket. He would prop up the branches with those hooked ends, but it looks like your branch may be a bit tall even for the largest of that kind of prop.
A nice analogy at the end, Robin. :)

Julierose said...

Very pretty quilt blocks--happy you are enjoying your journey on this one...
hope your apricot tree survives its bounty...hugs, Julierose

Nancy said...

I like these blocks you're making, Robin. It's interesting to see how some blocks look like they have nine snowballs and in others, five of the snowballs recede/disappear and it looks like there are only 4 snowballs. This is going to be a great quilt!
Oh, so sad that your apricot broke a branch. Will its fruit ripen or is there not enough connection to the tree for that to happen? From the photo it looks it's probably lost. Sad for the tree and sad for you to lose the apricots. When will the fruit ripen?

Cynthia@wabi-sabi-quilts said...

Your snowball blocks are gorgeous and they must be fun to make. An apricot tree - what a dream. You are so right.... sometimes we need propping up.... or need to prune? (like prune our lives of heavy obligations?).

audrey said...

Your fabrics are looking fabulous in this arrangements! Going to be such a striking quilt. Would love to have an apricot tree. Have you tried thinning the fruit yet? Might save your branches though of course there will be less fruit.

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