Monday, September 30, 2019

Celebrating Mary Brown update #1

It is our first update for the Celebrating Mary Brown QAL.   I am using my Alice In Wonderland fabrics and so there will be small hints in each block from the story.

The hint above is the cup and saucer in the middle of the flower.

I used Broiderie Perse to sew on the little butterfly.  I have never sewn anything so tiny.

The hint in the above block is easy to pick out.

Here are the two blocks together.  We were going to start in the upper left hand corner of the quilt and just do a block a month across the rows.  Well, the first block was a fairly simple one and the block to the right and below it were exactly the same.  Then it was decided we needed to make the block next to these three so we would have a square.  So, suddenly we needed to make two blocks a month for two months to complete this unit.

Can I keep up?  I am really slow at applique~

Be sure to click on the names below to see their 1st month's progress on this lovely quilt.

Karen at Log Cabin Quilter
Jennie at Over the Hill and Running
Julie K at Julie K quilts
Cathy B at Big Lake Quilter
Nanette at Do it Right Quilter
and Jan DeGan no blog but Nanette will post her progress

It is fall harvest time at my house.  My husband asked what day I wanted to do corn.  I said Friday would work.  So, yesterday he picked 80 ears of corn.  GASP!  We don't have that big of a garden so this was unexpected.

I gave 8 to one of my kids and we had 2 for dinner so that left only 70 ears.

I set the ear on it's end on top of that plastic bowl to cut it off.  The cut kernels fall into the cake pan making easy clean up.    It went pretty fast.

I put 1 lb. in each bag, laid it flat, and then folded it in half to freeze.  Then I can thaw 1/2 a package at a time because there is only two of us or the whole package if I'm feeding more.

Your are looking at 23 meals.  Tasty.

  "Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
                                                            -F. Scott Fitzgerald


Karen said...

Your Alice fabric works well for your applique. I like how you have the cup in the saucer and the key in the vine block. Unique. So good to have you along for the ride!

Do you ever freeze the corn still on the cob? I remember that my mother did once and it seemed rather soggy when prepared.

julieQ said...

OH how very pretty! I love your applique...bravo! I love sweet corn, and on the farm, we used to freeze packages like yours...delicious!

Kaja said...

I hope you can keep up as these blocks are so very pretty and the Alice fabric is adding a lovely twist.

Janet O. said...

It is going to be really fun having those little touches of Alice In Wonderland to search for in your blocks. Really a clever way to use the fabric, Robin!
My goodness, that is a lot of corn for two people. Do you blanch it before you cut it off the cobs? I've known people who do and those who don't. Just wondering your preference. And that is so smart to freeze them with the bags folded, so you can use only half, if needed.

Sandy said...

I love how the Alice fabrics add color, and a touch of whimsy to your blocks. Fun!

Jennie in GA said...

Love your non traditional fabric choices for this quilt. Nice start. And I like the way you added a bit of a curve to the vines. Those flat ends bother me a bit. We put up enough corn last year for two years. It’s a lot of work, but worth it. We use an attachment that fastens to our drill and makes cutting the corn off a breeze (comparatively

Cathy said...

I love you have chosen. Your blocks look really good. Now on to the next block. Hugs

Chopin - A Passionate Quilter said...

Really like your fabrics! Good job!

Barb said...

wow! great way to save the flavor of summer!

Barb said...

great SAL project and group, commnet published before I was done. ha ha

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